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Students will be seated in a classroom and given a small clipboard with five true or false questions and asked to answer those based on their own experiences. When they finish they will turn their paper over where four questions are for them to fill out as we watch a short video a little later. A ranger will show a list of words and ask students to look at them and see if they see a pattern. The pattern is opposite, negative and positive which reflect how this story can told as past, present and future. After a description of the Brown v. Board of Education story and how it affects us today we will watch a short video and students will answer their questions. A dialogue will follow to share diverse experiences, ideas and ways we can make our future better. This is an emotionally affective lesson because of the inequalities of the past and the people that demonstrated courage and sacrifice to change it for today.


Education Department


African American History and Culture, Civic Engagement, Civil Rights Movement, History, Social Studies
National/State Standards:
civil rights act, brown v. board of education, Civil Rights Movement, discrimination, Segregation, integration, racism, courage, hope, Love, hate, diversity, respect
Field Trips