Field Trips

Scavenger Hunt/Trivia Game

A teacher and students research answers at The Five Lawsuits exhibit.

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While in the galleries at the museum the students are given a clipboard with a set of questions. Their job is to search for these answers. They will be focused on looking at maps, timelines, music, videos, and much more to find the answers. After the students have given these papers to their teachers they will be able to play with a team of classmates our very own Trivia Game. The trivia questions are based on the same questions they have already searched for and it also opens the floor for discussion throughout the game. However, the final category will open the floor up for argument to determine whether or not the Civil Rights Movement is over and everyone is treated equal now.


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African American History and Culture, Civil Rights Movement, History, Reading, Social Studies
National/State Standards:
Reading CCR 7, 8
Speaking and Listening CCR 2, 3
Field Trips