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Students will learn that primary documents are the most accurate information available to discover history. They will be given a set of primary sources and will be asked to put those in order from earliest date to the latest date. Using these documents, they will begin writing their story with the information from these documents beginning with 1896 Plessy v. Ferguson case that ruled "separate but equal" is constitutional. They will proceed through the documents and continue adding to the story until they have finished in the 1960's with full integration. The Ranger will facilitate this story by asking groups to share the next part of the story and the next part of the story until they have a complete picture of Brown v. Board of Education. Finally, the ranger will read the story that they have written to reinforce accuracy and fill in any missing details.


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African American History and Culture, History, Reading, Social Studies, Writing
National/State Standards:
R:KI2, KI3
primary sources, primary documents, brown v. board of education, Civil Rights, integration, Segregation, separate but equal, Plessy v. Ferguson, Doll test
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