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National Parks

Students create their very own National Park Service arrowheads out of felt.

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Students will be introduced to the national parks and all of their wonders. The magnificence of the landscapes across our country will be shown in a video for 15 minutes. Younger children will be asked to pose as the tallest tree or a bear, the fiercest animal, or the Statue of Liberty, mountains, rivers, geysers….etc. Students will then complete an art project that consists of an arrowhead where all students will identify the five themes (water, land, plants, animals and people of the National Park Service) that are protected and preserved for many generations to come. Older students will receive a map of all the national parks and asked questions such as; 1) how many national parks are in Kansas or 2) what kinds of national parks are there?  Finally, students will play a game called Bear, Salmon and Mosquito. This will demonstrate the circle of life in the wilderness for a healthy eco-system and how we as human beings need to work together to help create a healthy community. We are all connected in one way or another and what we do, negatively or positively, has an effect of the rest of us (such as littering or tagging, trashes our community). Volunteering, recycling, helping others are examples of civic responsibility.


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Conservation, Environment, Geography, Government, History, Physical Science
National/State Standards:
landforms, national landmarks, geography, landscapes, National Parks, stewardship, civic responsibility, Preservation, recycling, littering, arrowhead, eco system
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