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This tour is flexible and is an all day tour with stops at Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site, the Historic John Ritchie House, the Kansas State Capitol, and the Kansas Museum of History. Many large groups find this an ideal way to divide into groups and rotate through these historical sites throughout the day. Each site has programs/tours that are flexible, with typically 60 to 90 minutes at each site. Transition times and lunch are built into the program as each site has options for outside lunch facilities with picnic tables, city park, or nearby restaurants. Interactive activities at each site will provide students first hand, experiential learning opportunities.


Education Department
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African American History and Culture, Civil Rights Movement, Civil War, Government, History, Slavery, Social Studies
National/State Standards:
Kansas History #4
brown v. board of education, National Historic Site, Monroe Elementary, Segregation, desegregation, integration, 14th amendment, Abolitionist, John Ritchie, Underground Railroad, equality, justice, Freedom, african american, 1954, 1850’s, Kansas Laws, permissible segregation, lawmakers, murals, John Brown
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