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Fair is Fair!

A girl draws a picture of children with sidewalk chalk that says

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The movie will introduce to the students a song "Fair is Fair" and include physical activity where students will use their bodies to physically demonstrate what the national parks look like such as the Statue of Liberty and Sequoia Trees. A short discussion will follow about a time when people were treated differently because they were a different color. Students will compare themselves to one another and discuss how they are different and how they are the same. Students will be asked to share their thoughts and express their ideas about rules with a couple of questions such as; should rules be different for people that are different? How do people feel if they treated different or unfairly? Ranger Rachel will explain that Brown v. Board of Education is an example of how people stood together to change those rules so that everyone could be treated fairly. Students are then asked, what can we do today to treat people fair? Students will complete this program by decorating an eagle puppet using a variety of materials so that each one is different. Walking through the galleries on their way outside to fly their eagles, students will compare and contrast their eagles and tell others how they are the same and how they are different.


Education Department


Community, Music, Social Studies, Sociology
National/State Standards:
CCR: SL, 1,2,3,4,5,6
retell stories, identify, understand, print, organization, speaking, listening, following rules, asking questions, give details, express thoughts, national symbol, landmarks, Statue of Liberty, Mr. Rushmore, rules, Consequences, fairness, justice, Freedom, courage, respect, honest, likeness, difference, characters, National Parks, brown v. board of education, Segregation
Field Trips