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Five Icons

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This lesson is an introduction or pre-visit to the site that organizes the story of Brown v. Board of Education into five sections which are symbolized by five icons seen in the pictures. The group will discover and discuss the different areas of the civil rights struggle by using the icons such as: how segregation came to be, resistance, war and national service, education and civil rights. A 30-minute movie, Race and the American Creed, will follow which is also divided into those same five areas. Groups will be asked to reflect what they have learned, develop and present their own symbol/design.


Education Department


African American History and Culture, Civil Rights Movement, Slavery, Social Studies
National/State Standards:
Reading Literature:  RL5:2, RL5:4, RL5:5 
Reading for Information:  RI5:3
Speaking and Listening:  SL5:1, SL5:2, SL5:5
Language: L5:5
Field Trips