Brown v. Board of Education: Five Communities That Changed America

Map of the United States with dots on Kansas, Virginia, Delaware, South Carolina, and Washington D.C.

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This lesson is based on the National Historic Landmark Nominations, "Robert Russa Moton High School" (with photographs), "Sumner and Monroe Elementary Schools" (with photographs), "Howard High School" (with photographs),and "John Philip Sousa Middle School" (with photographs), as well as the National Register Nomination for "Summerton High School," and the National Historic Landmark Survey theme study entitled Racial Desegregation in Public Education in the United States. Brown v. Board of Education: Five Communities that Changed America. This lesson could be used in American History courses in units on the civil rights movement, or the history of education in the United States. This lesson could also be used to enhance the study of African American history in the United States.

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African American History and Culture, Civil Rights Movement, Education, Social Studies

Last updated: April 10, 2015