Annual Utah Prairie Dog Day

Prairie Dog
Prairie Dog in the grass at Bryce.

Photographed by Kevin Doxstater.


Bryce Canyon National Park's Utah Prairie Dog Day will occur during National Park Week, April 18-22, 2016. Park Rangers will visit area schools to engage students about this keystone species, along with other important wildlife connections.

Utah prairie dogs are considered a "keystone species" that perform a variety of important ecological functions including improving soil quality, providing prey and places to live for other animals, and maintaining meadow ecosystems. Their ability to engineer the landscape adds to the overall diversity of both plants and animals."

Over 200 other species have been associated with prairie dog colonies, including wildlife that either depend upon or directly benefit by prairie dog activity for survival. "It cannot be overstated how beneficial the Utah prairie dog is to the overall health of southern Utah's meadows."

Ask a Ranger at the Visitor Center for the best locations to view and observe prairie dogs in their natural habitat.

(2016 National Park Week Press Release will soon be posted.)

6th Annual Prairie Dog Day Press Release June 12, 2015 (PDF 282 KB)

6th Annual Prairie Dog Day Event Poster June 12, 2015 (PDF 3.23 MB)

Utah Prairie Dogs
Utah Prairie Dogs peeking from their burrow in anticipation of the Annual Utah Prairie Dog Day at Bryce Canyon.

Kevin Doxstater

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