Don't Get Zapped! Quiz


If you've read the information at Don't Get Zapped! maybe you're ready to take this short quiz to see how much you know about lightning at Bryce Canyon National Park.

Read each question carefully and write the best answer on a piece of paper --

1. True or false:
People can get zapped by lightning even when there's a blue sky above them...if there's a thunderstorm nearby.

2. The place in Utah that has the highest lightning hazard density in the state is _____ .
(A) Uinta Mountains
(B) Bryce Canyon National Park
(C) Zion National Park
(C) Salt Lake City

3. True or false:
In a thunderstorm, it's the lightning that's dangerous, not the thunder.

4. Lightning is made out of _____ .
(A) raindrops
(B) sound
(C) electricity
(D) air

5. True or false:
If you see a lightning flash, hear thunder, or observe dark threatening clouds, it is okay for you to continue hiking.

6. The safest place to be during a lightning storm is _____ .
(A) under a tree
(B) under a bus shelter
(C) in a metal car, Park shuttle, or school bus
(D) in a building

7. What's a good activity to do at Bryce Canyon National Park, while waiting for a lightning storm to end?
(A) Go outside to see the lightning.
(B) Count the raindrops.
(C) Bother your brother or sister.
(D) Work on a Junior Ranger booklet.

8. You know when it's safe to go outside after a lightning storm when _____ have passed since you last saw lightning or heard thunder.
(A) 30 seconds
(B) 30 minutes
(C) 30 hours
(D) 30 days

9. At Bryce Canyon National Park thunderstorms happen most often during _____ .
(A) November
(B) February
(C) May
(D) August

10. True or False:
If you know how to be careful about lightning, you can have a safe and exciting visit to spectacular Bryce Canyon National Park!

Finished! Now go to the Answer Page to see how well you did, and then you can print your own Don't Get Zapped! Certificate.

Last updated: January 16, 2020

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