Scattering Cremated Remains

Bryce Canyon National Park does allow the scattering of cremated human remains within the park. This activity requires a Special Use Permit.

Please complete the Application for Permit to Scatter Cremation Ashes. There is no fee for this permit but the permittee and any members accompanying the permittee into the park will be charged general admission to Bryce Canyon National Park (Current Fee Structure available here.), unless an annual or other pass is used (Golden Age, Golden Access, Interagency Annual America the Beautiful Pass, etc.)

Conditions of Permit:

  1. Piracy Point is the only designated scattering site. There will be no scattering of human ashes in the main amphitheater. (Images may be viewed by clicking the link at the bottom of this page).
  2. A copy of the Certificate of Cremated Human Remains must accompany the application.
  3. Ashes from Cremated Human Remains must be scattered in a manner so as to disperse their identity.
  4. No teeth, bone fragments, or remnants recognizable as human remains may be scattered.
  5. The placement of any monument or marker recognizing the scattering of cremated human remains is prohibited.
  6. The scattering of human ashes by air is prohibited.
  7. No more than 30 participants may attend the ceremony.
  8. Prerecorded music or audio amplifying devices are prohibited.
  9. Ceremonies shall not interfere with normal visitor traffic.

You may mail or fax the permit application to the Special Use Permits Coordinator. It will take two to four weeks to obtain a permit. Once a permit is generated, it will be sent to you for signature. Once you sign and return the permit to us, it will be signed by an authorized park representative and only then will it be valid. The completed permit will be returned for your use and you will present it at the entrance station.

Any questions regarding this application can be directed to:

Special Use Permits Coordinator
Bryce Canyon National Park
PO Box 640201
Bryce Canyon, UT 84764-0201

Phone: 435-834-4761
Fax: 435-834-4777

E-mail us - Please include "Scattering Cremated Remains" in the subject line.

Permit Application

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Last updated: August 12, 2019

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