Lyle Hercularis

Lyle Hercularis

Name: Lyle Hercularis
Genus: Lystosaurus
Size: 3 feet tall 4 feet wide
Age: 40
Gender: male
Weight: 300 lb.
Diet: swamp plants
Habitat: swamps
Skills: stubbornness & physical endurance
Education: B.A. in Art, Geology minor
Expertise: Plate Tectonics
Hobbies: Painting faults & rolling rocks down hills / off cliffs

This summer Lyle decided to leave his beloved swamp and to explore other places where he might be able to paint some new landforms he had never seen before.

Lyle at Devils Tower National Monument
Colorado River flowing through a canyon in Canyonlands National Park
He first went to Canyonlands National Park where he made some marvelous paintings of what else . . . canyons but also meanders, and cutbanks. Here too he was nearly arrested for rolling rocks down from the tall cliffs. Lyle argued with the rangers that he just wanted to see them splash into the river but eventually Lyle agreed that rolling rocks can be very dangerous because you can never be 100% sure that there aren't people or animals below.
Visitor inside Mammoth Cave National Park

Next he went to Mammoth Cave National Park where he again got in trouble with the rangers because he was always trying to sketch the various cave features and not keeping up with the rest of the group on the cave tour.
Isle Royal
Lyle's favorite spot on his vacation was Isle Royal National Park because here he was not only able to paint lots of islands and bays but he also found some swampy places where he felt at home. Unfortunately for him the local moose were not that excited about sharing their habitat and quickly chased him away.

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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