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Geodetective patch showing a representation of an allosauros standing on a picture of the earth


To become a GEODETECTIVE is an honor. It means you have improved your understanding of the world around you. You know the names of different landforms, processes that created those landforms and understand the importance of the planet you live on.

To show your membership in the program you will receive an official patch just like the one shown to the left. Requirements for membership are listed below.


Things needed to be completed by children before they qualify to be a GEODETECTIVE:

  • Learn at least three new things about geology and tell them to a teacher or on a test.
  • Have a teacher contact Bryce Canyon's Education Outreach Coordinator to send the teacher the patch to be presented to you.
  • Have as much fun using the activities as possible while learning about Earth's history and composition.

Click this link to be taken to the main kid's page for each of the GEODETECTIVE lessons. Explore them all and follow the directions on this page (above) to receive a cool patch.

Have fun LEARNING about Bryce Canyon and the Planet Earth!!!


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