Doofus B. Doofus

Doofus B Doofus (Allosauros)

Name: Doofus B. Doofus
Genus: Allosaurus
Size: 40 feet long, 14 feet high
Age: 22
Gender: male
Weight: 10,000 lbs (4,500 kilos)(5 tons)
Diet: meat
Habitat: open countryside
Education: BA in Physical Education
Skills: Getting the facts wrong
Expertise: none
Hobbies: Exercise

Doofus B. Doofus is a graduate student in Geology. He tries to help Professor McFragilis. He is well meaning, but often messes things up. Allister has a soft spot for hard cases. He sees Doofus as a work in progress. Doofus himself thinks that he is smart. He is completely unaware that he is a total Doofus.


Last updated: February 24, 2015

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