Red Fox

red fox

Gary Hartley

The red fox is a member of the canine family. Though most red foxes do in fact have a reddish brown hue, it is also not uncommon for them to be silver, white, or even grey. They have elongated heads to go along with elongated bodies with shorter legs. They are also identified by their short but bushy tails. .

Red foxes usually hunt under the cover of darkness. They are opportunistic hunters and will kill and eat anything the size of a rabbit or smaller. Here in the gorge they eat rabbits, rodents, lizards, birds, fish, and the occasional famer's chicken. In the summer, they also eat nuts, berries, and insects.

Red foxes are born in springtime. By August, the fox pups start going out on their own. By the early fall, the family disbands, and the pups become self sufficient. During the winter the pup will find a mate and will stay with that mate for the rest of their life. Red foxes live in dens that they sometimes dig from the ground, although they also may use down rotten logs, rock crevices, or unused burrows. They prefer forested habitats near range of farmland areas.

Last updated: December 31, 2016

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