Prohibited Furbearer Trapping Activities

Big Thicket National Preserve regulations prohibit the following activities while trapping furbearing animals:

  • Trapping within 500 feet of any designated trail, roadway, residence, school, business, or any navigable waterway (Neches River, Pine Island Bayou, and/or LNVA Canal).
  • Trapping on pipelines, abandoned roads, or old logging trails.
  • Trapping outside of the designated area shown on the trapping unit map.
  • Using a conibear-style trap with a diagonal opening greater than 10" set on land or in water less than 6" deep.
  • Taking or attempting to take any fur-bearing animal not caught in a trap.
  • Taking or attempting to take any fur-bearing animal from a public road, righ-of-way, vehicle, or boat.
  • Using smoke, explosives, or chemicals to kill or flush fur-bearing animals.
  • The use and/or possession of dogs, bow and arrows, electronic or hand-held calls, recording or other calling devices, artificial light as an attractant, or the use of falcons for hunting.
  • Using motorized vehicles within the preserve, except on designated federal, state, or county roads. Motorized vehicles are prohibited on all trails, pipelines, beaches, and other off-road areas in the preserve.
  • Camping in trapping areas during trapping and hunting season, with the exception of sandbars along the Neches River within the Neches Bottom and Jack Gore Baygall Unit.
  • Building ground fires in trapping areas. Portable cooking stoves are allowed.

Last updated: April 4, 2019

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