Feral Hog Trapping Guide and Regulations


Hog trapping season begins on the first Monday of February and closes the day before the following fall hunting season.

Legal Methods

  • Permittees may set 1 hog trap and 1 bait feeder to take only feral hogs. Traps must be free-standing and not require installation of posts or stakes or require trees for support. They may be secured to trees with a loose chain.
  • Baits are restricted to corn and sour corn.
  • Permittees may use up to 2 ATVs/UTVs only on designated firebreaks, pipeline and powerline right-of-ways, and vehicle roads only in accordance with state law.


  • Traps may be set only in locations approved on the permit. Hog trappers must notify the preserve biologist each time the trap is relocated.
  • Hog traps must be at least 750 feet from trails, day-use areas, parking areas, houses, boat ramps, cemeteries, and buildings. Traps must not block vehicle access to pipeline/powerline right-of-ways.
  • Hog trappers must be prepared to move traps within 24 hours of notification of prescribed burns.
  • Hog traps must have a metal Big Thicket Hog Trapping Tag at all times.
  • Bait feeders must be located within 30 feet of hog traps.
  • Traps must be checked at least once every 24 hours.Hogs must not remain in traps for greater than 24 hours before being dispatched.
  • Hog must be dispatched with a firearm while within traps. Live take is not allowed.
  • Hog carcasses must be disposed of at least 500 feet from trails, day-use areas, parking areas, houses, boat ramps, cemeteries, and buildings.
  • Animals other than hogs that are caught in traps must be immediately released and must be reported to Big Thicket National Preserve staff or a Texas Parks & Wildlife Game Warden.
  • The "Hog Trapper's Report" must be returned by November 1 or the trapper will be disqualified from obtaining a permit the following year.
  • Trappers must have a valid State of Texas hunting license.

Prohibited Activities

Certain activities are prohibited while trapping hogs in the preserve.


Last updated: June 23, 2020

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