Park Ranger Bill Herman will be providing a list of wildflowers that are currently in bloom around the Blue Heron area throughout the months of April and May. There are many varieties of wildflowers to discover and enjoy. For more information about the wildflower report, contact the Blue Heron Visitor Center at 606-376-3787.

Wildflowers in bloom as of Friday, April 12th:
Blue Phlox
Carolina Vetch
Halberd-Leafed Violet
Trillium (ssp.)
Virginia Bluebells
Wild Geranium

Wildflowers in bloom as of Saturday, May 4th:

Blue/Purple Flowers
1. Crested Dwarf Iris
2. Creeping Phlox
3. Longspurred Violet
4. Lyre-leafed sage
5. Wild Geranium

Red Flowers
6. Fire Pink
7. Lousewort

White Flowers
8. Bedstraw
9. Daisy Fleabane
10. Foamflower
11. Giant Chickweed
12. May-Apple
13. Star Chickweed
14. Sweet White Violet
15. Wild Stonecrop
16. Wood Anemone

Yellow Flowers
17. Common Cinquefoil
18. Coneflower
19. Eared Coreopsis
20. Yellow Trillium

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