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The Junior Ranger Program at Big South Fork are available to children of all ages to enjoy. If you are planning on visiting Big South Fork soon, be sure to stop by one of our visitor centers and pick up your Junior Ranger Booklet. You may also download it by clicking here (851 KB). The park's junior ranger book is also available in Spanish.

When you are finished, just bring the completed booklet to one of the visitor centers and get your Junior Ranger Badge. If you need the help of your parents to finish the booklet, that’s okay.

The National Park Service also has web sites designed for children to visit which they are sure to enjoy.

National Park Service Web Ranger Program

Archeology for Kids

The RangerZONE - Your Place to be a Ranger

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Join our park rangers as we explore Big South Fork's Junior Ranger program.

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Have you already completed your Junior Ranger booklet? Join a ranger and say the Junior Ranger pledge!

Last updated: May 31, 2022

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