Biscayne Explorer Curriculum Materials

The Biscayne Explorer teacher workshop is optional; however, teachers should download the Biscayne Explorer Teacher Guide for details on the program and how to prepare. The Teacher Guide includes logistical information, activity station descriptions, a sample schedule, curriculum standards met and expectations for participants. Below you will find more materials to help you prepare.

You and your students have decided to visit Biscayne National Park. To make your experience the best that it can be, you can complete the pre-visit activities in your classroom as an introduction to the National Park Service and Biscayne National Park. A variety of fun and informational pre-visit activities are described in the Teacher Guide.
In addition, the Underwater Ecosystem Adventure Electronic Field Trip can be completed. In this virtual visit, students will be introduced to the four ecosystems that make up Biscayne National Park and how they are integral to each other.
Through Web Rangers students can learn about the significance of the Arrowhead and many other important aspects of the National Park Service through this online, interactive experience.

A successful field trip to Biscayne National Park is dependent on active participation by teachers and chaperones. This is very much the case with Biscayne Explorer. Teachers and chaperones will be asked to lead small groups of students through hands-on activity stations. Adults will receive outlines to guide students through the stations. The outlines are very easy to use and are listed below to help you prepare.
Seagrass Connection
Bird and Fish Count
Coral Core
Living on the Edge
Keys to Plant Identification
Students will also have the opportunity to visit the Park's Dante Fascell Visitor Center & Museum, for a hands-on National Park experience

Your students have had wonderful time exploring Biscayne National Park and the South Florida Ecosystems. The following activities will help to connect them to the natural world around them.
Commons Game (all grades) - This game helps students to connect the value for natural resources that are discussed during their visit to Biscayne National Park to their everyday interaction with the Environment.
Create A National Park (5-6) - This activity allows students to become a 'Superintendent' of their own National Park. They are challenged to protect the resources of their park while allowing visitors to enjoy recreational activities in them.

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