Backcountry Permits

Why Do I Need To Fill Out a Backcountry Permit?
Backcountry permits are a safety measure for visitors, and a useful way of monitoring visitor use within the Preserve. Permits are required for every hiker, biker, off-road vehicle, or watercraft entering the backcountry. This applies to both day use and overnight activities.

Permits are free and can be printed at home and filled out. The permits take only a few minutes to complete.

When printing from home and filling out the permit, here's what you do-

  • Open the backcountry permit file.
  • Print out both pages so you have four copies. Cut the pages apart, separating each permit.
  • Fill out all the necessary boxes so that each permit is identical.
  • Distribute copies as follows: One copy should be dropped in the permit box at your access point; One copy goes on the dashboard of your vehicle; Two copies go in plastic bag with you as you travel in backcountry.

Things to Remember

  • The printed permit is not waterproof! Make sure you put the permit in a plastic bag when taking it into the backcountry with you.
  • This permit is specific to Big Cypress, so don't use it at Everglades National Park.
  • If filling out a permit from an access point or visitor center, review these instructions or confirm with a ranger to make sure everything is filled out properly. It will make the process easier and provide better information on backcountry use to the National Park Service.

Last updated: November 8, 2023

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