Artist Demonstrations

The Art Demonstration Series offers a chance for the visitor to learn more about how our Artists-In-Residence create their works of art, while at Big Cypress.

Please look below to see who's demonstrating their art next!


Artist: Priscilla Humay, current Artist-In-Residence
Medium: Painting & Drawing
When: September 21, 2014
Where: Oasis Visitor Center
Time: 1:00-1:30 pm


Regarding her residency, Priscilla says;

"Our nation’s untamed beauty continuously captivates me. For many years, I have explored the extraordinary features of the national parks and state parks throughout this country trying to create and document what I see and sense. I am intrigued with uninterrupted visuals as far as my eyes can see. Except for these parks, tranquility and non-intrusive treasures are a rarity.

I have often hiked through areas of Big Cypress and always wished to record its raw beauty. There is a rhythm and emotion to this natural area that I want to share through my art. My intent is to capture the essence of this vast 'place' and emphasize its unique beauty. Vistas embellished by changing skies and existing flora and fauna are my inspiration."

Matanzas Sky No.5

Priscilla Humay



Artist: Ramona Maziarz, Artist-In-Residence
Medium: Pen & Ink
When: February 14, 2014
Where: Oasis Visitor Center
Time: 11:00-1:00 pm

Egret's Paradise

Ramona Maziarz

Regarding her residency, Ramona says;

"My artwork is detailed, colorful and often humorous. The wonderful way different plants and creatures grow together is what drew me to the study of nature. Nature determinedly leaves no place empty or untouched; weeds, flowers, insects, and creatures living their lives entwined.

It's that tangle of life I like to observe and ink. In the chaos of these layers, there is an order, a rule for life; to continue onward, upward, and outward.

I try to bring my scenes a gentle acknowledgement to honor the common creatures. I also try to bring the reality not always sought; like the weeds and bugs in a cultured garden or flowers under the glow of the moon.

My endeavour is to explore and find the small things lost in this busy world, bringing creatures and bits of nature forward so we may know them intmately again. It goes both ways, the creatures in my artwork look back at you as well."



The Artist-In-Residence Program at Big Cypress National Preserve offers professional writers, composers, and visual and performing artists the opportunity to pursue their artistic discipline while being surrounded by the national preserve's inspiring landscape.

For more information about the Big Cypress Artist-In-Residence program click here.


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