Energy Conservation

Big Cypress Swamp Welcome Center gets a great deal of its power from the sun, with the help of these solar panels.

Big Cypress strives to make facilities more energy efficient, reduce the use of fossil fuels for all infrastructure systems, and use renewable energy, where possible.

A prime example of this is the Big Cypress Swamp Welcome Center, which opened in 2010. If you step behind the building, you will be greeted by a large array of solar panels. Installed in 2011, these photovoltaic panels now provide 80 percent of the power for the building. The facility was designed with energy conservation in mind, making maximum use of renewable resources.

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Harnessing the power of Earth’s closest star is a natural fit for a National Park Service unit in the "Sunshine State." Big Cypress plans to continue looking towards the sun for additional energy as they continue to add solar panels to other buildings within the preserve.


Constructing, remodeling, and updating the preserve's buildings present opportunities for improving energy conservation. National Park Service staff is installing new Energy Star windows that block UV-Rays, improving insulation, and adding weather stripping to doors. New efficient heating and lighting systems with easy-to-control switches and thermostats reduces energy use.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, electricity is the number one source for the increase in carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases in the US. To help reduce carbon emissions, nearly all of the Preserve’s buildings are lit by LEDs or lighting-emitting diodes. LEDs are 300 percent more efficient than compact fluorescent lights and 1,000 percent more efficient than traditional incandescents. Their energy life is about 50,000 hours. The best advantage of LEDs over CFLs, they have no mercury and do not become a hazardous waste product when they burn out.

Last updated: April 14, 2015

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