Within Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, dining options are limited to snacks and food items available at Ok-A-Beh Marina and Horseshoe Bend Marina. A general listing of dining options outside the park is found below.

Dining South District (Lovell and Cowley, Wyoming)

Hot Stuff Pizza, 127 E. 3rd, Lovell, WY Phone: 307-548-2888

Pizza on the Run, 214 E. Main, Lovell, WY Phone: 307-548-2206

Branding Iron Cafe, 483 Shoshone Ave., Lovell, WY Phone: 307-548-9370

Conoco Country Store, 575 East Main, Lovell, WY Phone: 307-548-7110

Minchow's Food Court, 353 E. Main, Lovell, WY Phone: 307-548-7979

Switchback Grill, 384 W. Main, Lovell, WY Phone: 307-548-9595

Cauc-Asian Diner (Econo Inn), 180 W. Main Street, Lovell, WY Phone: 307-548-2781

Cowtown Café, 41 E. Main Street, Cowley, Wyoming Phone: 307-548-2990

North District (Fort Smith, Montana)

There is a small grocery/convenience store in Fort Smith, but fresh fruits and vegetables or meats are not available. Wine and alcohol are not available.

Garrison Stoker Resorts, 12 miles from Fort Smith, is open for lunch and dinner seasonally (March - September).

Last updated: March 5, 2015

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