Bighorn River Etiquette

Fishermen on the Bighorn River
Fishermen on the Bighorn River


Respect and Enjoy

Because of the increasing number of boats and wading fisherman, observation of the unwritten, local customs will help you and other fishermen have an enjoyable day.

  • Always respect the area wading fishermen are walking and give them a wide berth. They have the right away.
  • When approaching bank fishermen while boating, notice how far out their lines are and stay clear.
  • While floating, if there is another boat nearby, try to stay out of his area. Also, when passing a boat moving slower than yours, move out of his line of drift and go downstream 200-300 yards before coming back into his line of drift.

The Bighorn River is one of the most heavily fished streams in Montana. If fishermen are courteous and have a relaxed attitude the river will continue to offer a superb angling experience.

Last updated: March 31, 2012

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