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Date: October 11, 2010

The community continues to use and support the recycling program.This year 51,880 pounds, almost 26 tons, has been recycled using the two trailers at the Red Apple parking lot.The recycling trailers are an example of true community pride and effort.The recycling program started with Del Weinhold at the  Lovell Middle School and today is now maintained by the National Park Service, Forest Service, the City of Lovell, and recycling volunteers Will Wipf and Bob DeRocher.

In the beginning the recycling trailer was hauled every other week with an average of 1500 pounds.In June of 2010 and second trailer was added just for cardboard.Since that time the trailers have been hauled on an alternating schedule.The cardboard trailer was averaging 600 pound per trip and the recycling trailer at between 1500 to 2000 pounds or more per trip.On this alternating schedule we have seen the recycling trailer continue to be full to overflowing. In November the cardboard trailer will be hauled every other week on Wednesdays and the recycling trailer will go weekly on Thursdays.The addition of the cardboard trailer has cut down the amount of recycling left as overflow around the trailer by opening new spaces in the recycling trailer.The new schedule will hopefully alleviate that completely while encouraging even more recycling.

The Powell Valley Recycling Center and the Lovell Community Recycling Team would like to remind the community about what can and can not be recycled at the trailer.

Items that can be recycled at the trailer:

Cardboard – New trailer just for corrugated cardboard is now parked at the Red Apple.

– Remember only corrugated cardboard – no cereal boxes, or other un-corrugated cardboard, no egg cartons.

Mixed Paper – This include office type paper – please do not put paper plates, napkins, kleenex, etc.. in these bins.People sort this by hand.

Newspaper and Magazines – Just newspapers and magazines please.

Junk Mail – this can go in with the office paper. Envelopes without plastic window can be recycled.Please remove junk mail from envelopes before recycling.


Tin/Steel Cans

Plastics #1 and #2 bottle type containers, no caps.Please remove all caps.

Items that can not be recycled at the trailer:

Shredded Paper – The Powell Valley Recycling Center does take shredded paper, but we cannot put it in the trailers.It is recycled separately from the other paper.Please take all of you shredded paper directly to the Powell Valley Recycling Center

Plastic food containers used to package cookies or sandwiches, even if they do have a #1 or #2 on them.They are heated differently when they are processed and do not melt down at the same temperature as the bottle plastics.

Plastic bottles that had harmful or hazardous chemicals in them such at motor oil or weed spray containers.

Glass – In the past we have taken glass in the container, but due to safety issues when dumping the bins, Powell Valley Recycling has asked us not to take Glass.They do take glass in Powell, but they have asked us not to put it in the trailer.Please take all of your glass directly to the Powell Valley Recycling Center.

What happens when non-recyclables are put in the bins? Most of the time if there is minimal amounts, the Powell Valley Recycling employees will sort them out.However, if there are paper plates, napkins, or Kleenex, the contents of the entire bin are thrown in the garbage.Everyone hates for this to happen, but we need to keep in mind that the employees are sorting these bins by hand and their health and safety is most important.By taking the extra time to sort your recyclables and put items in the correct bins, you can help save on the amount of time employees, team members and volunteers spend each week.

A big thank you to the community for its continued support and a huge thank you to the volunteers and agencies that help to haul the recycling trailer.Thank you to Mary Jo and the Powell Valley Recycling Center for helping to make this possible and to the Red Apple.Without the convenient location, this program would not be as successful.THANK YOU.

If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Jennifer Schneider at 307-548-5420.Thank you for recycling!

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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