July 2010 Ranger Programs at Bighorn Canyon

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Date: June 30, 2010

Rangers at Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area have a variety of campground programs and guided tours planned for the month of July on both the North End of the park and the South End of the park. There is a program for everyone this month. Times vary depending on the type of program. Please mark your calendars for these July programs:


July 2      The Uranium         Meet at the Bighorn Canyon Visitor      Ranger John Kissner

              Walk                  Center at 7:00 PM                                                                

July 3     The Undiscovered Horseshoe Bend Campground,           Ranger Jim Staebler

              Jewel                  loop B Amphitheater,

                                            9:30 pm

July 3      Bears in Bighorn   Afterbay Campground Amphitheater,   Ranger Jessica Joyce

              Canyon, Beware   9:00 PM

              Be Aware and

              Be Safe

July 4      Hillsboro Tour       Meet at Barry’s Landing Parking area, Ranger Kathryn Wiggins                                            10 AM

July 9-10  Crow Skills           Bighorn Canyon Visitor Center             WNPA

              And Trade           Friday Events 11AM - 6PM

              Fair                                Saturday Events 9AM - 6PM

July 10     More Than Meets Afterbay Campground Amphitheater,   Ranger Margaret Joyce

              The Eye: Wildlife   9:00 PM

              Viewing At

              Bighorn Canyon

July 17     Bad Pass Trail:      Horseshoe Bend Campground,             Ranger Kathryn Wiggins              Now and Then          loop B Amphitheater,

                                              9:30 PM

July 17     Yellowtail,             Afterbay Campground Amphitheater,   Ranger Richard Godin

              More Than Just     9:00 PM

              A Name

July 18     Ewing/Snell           Meet at the Ewing/Snell Ranch            Ranger Christy Fleming               Ranch Tour          House at 1:00 PM       



July 24     On Being a Ranger Horseshoe Bend Campground,            Ranger Jim Staebler

                                               loop B Amphitheater,

                                              9:30 pm

July 24       Hidden Mysteries: Afterbay Campground Amphitheater,   Ranger Margaret Joyce

              Secret Place of     9:00 PM

              Bighorn Canyon

July 25     Hillsboro Tour       Meet at Barry’s Landing Parking Area, Ranger John Kissner                                                 10 AM

July 31     A Slice Through    Horseshoe Bend Campground,             Ranger Jim Staebler

              Time                     loop B Amphitheater,

                                              9:30 pm

July 31     Voices of the Past: Afterbay Campground Amphitheater,   Ranger Jessica Joyce

              My Family and      9:00 PM

              Crow History

 A new Cell Phone Tour has been developed by the Bighorn Canyon staff for the Mason Lovell Ranch east of Lovell, Wyoming. Visitors can pick-up at map at the Cal S. Taggart Bighorn Canyon Visitor Center or out at the ranch. This cell phone tour is free but cell phone plan minutes do apply. There are seven stops along the tour averaging 1 minute 49 seconds in length. During the tour visitors will hear the story of one of the most prominent ranches in the eastern Bighorn Basin, of how the M-L cattle grazed across an area stretching from Thermopolis to the Crow Reservation in Montana and learn why it is a significant part of our nation’s history. Visitors can take this tour at any time.

If you have questions about the July programs, need directions or arrangements made for accessibility, please call Christy Fleming at 307-548-5404 or Chris Wilkinson at 406-666-2351 in advance. 


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