CUA Holders Required Insurance

Commercial Use Authorization (CUA) permit holders are required by the National Park Service to have liability coverage from a U.S.-based company for activities conducted within Big Bend National Park/Rio Grande Scenic River. The types of activities authorized and party sizes determine the types and minimum amounts of liability coverage required.

Comprehensive General Liability Coverage
Comprehensive General Liability (Commercial General Liability) coverage is required for all activities. The minimum required liability coverage for bodily injury is $300,000 per occurrence; higher limits may be required for some activities.

Automobile Liability Coverage
Automobile liability coverage is required on vehicles used for any client transportation, regardless of whether the vehicle/bus is owned, non-owned, or hired. Vehicles used solely for employee or equipment transportation are required only to maintain coverage as required by state regulations.

  • For owned vehicles: the automobile liability policy must state "any vehicle," "scheduled vehicles," or "owned vehicles." If the policy solely states "scheduled vehicles," then only the vehicles listed on the policy are allowed to operate within the Park.
  • For rented vehicles: the policy must state "any vehicle" or "non-owned" vehicles.
  • For hired vehicles (contracted from a third party): the third party is responsible for meeting CUA insurance requirements.

Shuttling operations are required to have a policy that covers clients’ vehicles that are shuttled within the park. The policy must state "any vehicle" or "non-owned" vehicles.

Minimum insurance requirements:



UP TO 5 passengers


6 TO 12 passengers


13 TO 20 passengers


21 TO 50 passengers


Watercraft Liability Coverage
Watercraft liability coverage is required for boating activities on waters within NPS areas. Depending on size, ownership, and use of the watercraft, this is covered by either a Protection and Indemnity (P&I) Liability policy or by a Comprehensive General Liability policy.

Worker's Compensation Coverage
All Commercial Use Authorization permit holders must carry worker's compensation coverage as required by state law.

Additional Requirements
Insurance policies must contain a waiver of subrogation clause specifying that the insurnace company shall have no right of subrogation against the United States of America, OR the National Park Service must be named as an additional insured on the policy.

The National Park Service should be listed as a certificate holder with the following address: Big Bend National Park, PO Box 129, Big Bend National Park, Texas 79834. Some insurance companies may prefer to fax a copy of your certificate to us at 432 477-1175, or it may be sent by e-mail.

It is your responsibility to meet the liability requirements at all times and ensure that we have current certificates of insurance throughout the permit time period. Failure to meet this requirement will result in the suspension of your CUA .

Last updated: February 24, 2015

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