NPS Centennial

The National Park Service turned 100 on August 25, 2016, and the entire year was quite a celebration! Throughout 2016, hundreds of millions of you ventured out to Find Your Park-learning, discovering, getting inspired, or simply having fun in national parks. Thank you for joining us!

The Find Your Park party will continue in 2017 as we invite you to continue your own journey to discover national parks and public lands. Share your stories at (and and with #FindYourPark / #EncuentraTuParque on social media.

National parks across the system engaged in a variety of activities to prepare for and celebrate the centennial. Big Bend National Park was a big part of this effort. Take a look at what we did and join us as the National Park Service enters a new century in 2017!


Call to Action Projects 

  • Digital Tool Allows Users to See Economic Contributions of Individual Parks

    sample graphic of data visualization tool

    National parks are easily recognized for their natural beauty, historical significance, or cultural importance. But national parks also contribute mightily to their local economies. Read more

  • Preserving the Primal Sky

    Night Sky over Casa Grande

    When the natural cycle of night and day is extended, as with artificial light, organisms have difficulty coping with the changes. Prey has more chance of being preyed on, visual cues for reproduction and migration are altered, and sleep patterns change. All of these things can be harmful to their existence. Big Bend National Park has openly addressed this issue, and taken the initiative to significantly reduce light pollution and promote preservation of dark night skies. Read more

  • The Eyes Have It!

    Tuff Canyon Wayside Exhibit

    Big Bend National Park has taken important measures to insure visitors receive eye-catching, interpretive information with improved wayside exhibits. The park also has an engaging orientation film that will be available in late spring, 2013 (as soon as construction is complete on the new auditorium). And, future plans include a dynamic exhibit that showcases the park's incredible fossil record. Read more

  • The 21st Century Park

    Big Bend on the Web

    Big Bend National Park has taken considerable strides over the last few years with regard to digital audiences. The website is now much more user-friendly, has a multimedia link that includes HD videos, and Facebook is coming soon! Read more

  • Tasting the Difference

    Chisos Basin Convenience Store

    Healty foods make for happy visitors! Big Bend National Park and the park's concessionaire, Forever Resorts, have collaborated to offer healthier menu choices in the park’s restaurant and more variety of healthy food products in the park's convenience stores. Read more

A Call to Action Projects for Big Bend National Park

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