National Park Service Founders: Theodore Roosevelt
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    Theodore Roosevelt

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Theodore Roosevelt was 42 when sworn in as President of the United States following the assassination of William McKinley. "It is a dreadful thing to come into the Presidency in this way; but it would be far worse to be morbid about it," Roosevelt said. "Here is the task, and I have got to do it to the best of my ability." In nearly two terms as President, Roosevelt pushed progressive reforms, advocated consumer protection laws and the regulation of big business, supported conservation of the environment, and asserted America 's authority abroad. In 1905, Roosevelt negotiated an end to the war between Russia and Japan. For this work, he was the first American and only sitting President to receive a Nobel Peace Prize.

Sagamore Hill

See For Yourself

Visit one of several Theodore Roosevelt park sites - including his home in Oyster Bay, New York or his ranch lands at Roosevelt National Park near Medora, North Dakota.

Image of Theodore Roosevelt

Inside Story

See TR! - video of Roosevelt during 1912 presidential campaign. Hear TR! - recordings from the Edison archive.

image of Eleanore Roosevelt


Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin D.
Roosevelt, was Theodore's niece. Her New York
home -- Val-Kill -- is a national park.

image of a world heritage site in the US


Visit the modern legacy of Theodore Roosevelt's conservation. The United States is proud to preserve and protect its World Heritage Sites. They possess "outstanding universal value" to humanity for their exceptional cultural and natural significance. 

historic image of Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir


Learn more about John Muir's relationship with President Theodore Roosevelt and how they would influence the creation of the National Parks in Shaping the System.

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Theodore Roosevelt was an avid writer, scholar, military leader and naturalist/outdoorsman. Explore some of his historic items at his home at Sagamore Hill.

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A wide diversity of animals make their home in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. The remote park preserves an untouched American landscape witnessed by the earliest settlers and enjoyed by Native Americans - a goal championed by Theodore Roosevelt.