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Requirements Related to Bandelier

3b. Show how to take a compass bearing and follow it.

4a. Explain how a topographic map shows terrain features.

4b. Name the symbols on a topographic map.

4d. Show a topographic map with magnetic N/S lines.

4f. Orient a topographic map with a compass.

5. Set up a 100 meter pace course and use it.

7a. take part in 3 orienteering events.

89a. Set up a cross country course that is at least 200 meters long.

Available Resources

The Bandelier backcountry or the area around Ponderosa Group Campground would be ideal for orienteering events. A permit is requires for backcountry camping. Permits are free and available at the Visitor Center and are free. Camping at Ponderosa Group Campground requires a reservation and there is a fee. Reservations may be made at the Group Reservation office – (505) 672-3681 x533.

Last updated: March 31, 2012

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