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Requirements Related to Bandelier

The main features of the park are archeological. The cultural resources available should be able to help the Scout with the following requirements:

2. Steps in archeological process.

3. Age of sites

4b. Learn about 3 sites in U.S.

4c. Visit a site

5. Give a shout presentation

6a. Explain the importance of protecting an archeological site.

6b. If you find an artifact

6c. How can you protect the past

10a. Research the Ancestral Pueblo People

11. Identify 3 opportunities in Archeology

Available Resources

The Main Loop Trail Guide has a lot of information. The new Youth Stewardship program, being piloted during the summer of 2008, has a guide book accompanying it that will help. The bookstore in the Visitor Center has numerous books as valuable resources.

Last updated: March 31, 2012

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