CCC Walking Tour Stop 9

CCC Stop 9
Mrs. Frey's Grapevine

NPS Photo by Stella Carroll

Once in the Snack Bar patio, notice the large grapevine. Mrs. Frey always said that she started it with a cutting from a wild canyon grape plant she found along the Rio Grande near the mouth of Frijoles Creek. The windows above it are part of the residence built for Mrs. Frey, which she occupied until her death in 1988; it is now the Superintendent’s office and conference room. The windows across the patio from the Snack Bar door look out of what was the lodge dining room. The patio itself is now filled with picnic tables, but when there were overnight guests staying at the Lodge, it was used for socializing. On some evenings, Pueblo people on the staff would present traditional dances for the guests. Surrounding the patio is another good example of a portal, just as welcome on a hot day now as it was in the 1940’s. On your right notice the wooden gates leading into the patio from the parking lot. The walls on either side of them were originally more that a foot taller, which must have made this space quiet and private, but probably also made it harder for visitors to find their way in.

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Last updated: January 18, 2022

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