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burn boss frank gonzales
Burn boss Frank Gonzales oversees a fire crew briefing.

photo by sally king

September 27, 2008

Prescribed Burn Completed, Most Trails Reopened
The prescribed burn has been completed. A small portion of the Long Trail is the only trail to remain closed. Visitors are required to stay on the trail in all areas of the burn. Logs are still smoldering in off-trail areas and there is a danger of falling trees.

September 25, 2008

Some Trails to Remain Closed Due to Burn
The visitor center, Main Trail, Falls Trail, and Frijolito Trail reopened to the public today. Due to continued activities related to the burn (and potential hazards including burning snags and falling trees) Alcove House, Long Trail, Cottonwood Picnic Area, parts of the Nature Trail, and the trail from Upper Crossing to Alcove House will remain closed on Friday, September 26.

September 24, 2008

PM Update
The visitor center, Main Loop Trail, Falls Trail, and Frijolito Trail will reopen to the public tomorrow. Following the initial burn plan, Alcove House and the trail above Alcove House to Upper Crossing will remain closed on Thursday, September 25 as burning continues in that area. Due to numerous burning snags and the danger of falling trees, Cottonwood Picnic Area, Long Trail, and portions of the Nature Trail to the west of Frijoles Creek will also remain closed on Thursday. If the burn proceeds as planned, most areas should reopen by Friday.

Prescribed Burn Continues In Frijoles Canyon
Frijoles Canyon is closed to all entry today as a prescribed burn, initiated yesterday, continues. Burn Boss Frank Gonzales stated, "the burn is going well. We expect to meet our objectives." The prescribed burn is expected to eliminate an overabundance of dense undergrowth in the canyon and around the historic buildings and Ancestral Pueblo sites. These sites could be put at risk by a hot burning wildfire without this prescribed burn. The burn is expected to be completed by Friday.

a prescribed fire burns across from Tyuonyi Pueblo
The prescribed fire reduced fuels in the area around Tyuonyi Pueblo in Frijoles Canyon.

photo by sally king

September 23, 2008

Prescribed Burn Underway in Frijoles Canyon
The park initiated a prescribed burn this morning (Tuesday, September 23). Although rains yesterday afternoon and evening increased the moisture content in available fuels, a test burn showed that a prescribed burn was feasible. The burn was ignited in fuels near the end of the backpacker's parking lot. The fire is moving slowly up canyon. The park is hopeful the burn will be successful in removing an overabundance of fuels in the area and create a safer environment. It has been many years since this specific area has been touched by fire.

September 22, 2008

Prescribed Burn Will Cause Closures
A prescribed burn planned for Frijoles Canyon is now scheduled to begin on Tuesday, September 23, 2008. The burn will require closures of some areas including a full closure of Frijoles Canyon on Wednesday, September 24. Many areas of the park (trails outside of Frijoles Canyon including Tsankawi, Cerro Grande, Burnt Mesa) will remain open. Call 505-672-3861 x 517 for details. Smoke may be a problem in some areas. The burn plan has received a go-ahead and will proceed as long as conditions remain favorable. The burn should be completed by Friday, September 26. For specific closures, check the list below. Information is subject to change.

Monday, September 22
-Closure of backpacker's parking lot for staging of fire equipment.
-No backcountry permits will be issued for camping in Frijoles Canyon or that require entry via Frijoles Canyon during the burn.

Tuesday, September 23
-Closures include Falls Trail, backpacker's parking lot, Cottonwood Picnic Area, Long Trail, Frijolito Trail, Nature Trail on west side of Frijoles Creek, entry to middle and lower Frijoles Canyon from Ponderosa Campground, and the Frey Trail from Juniper Campground.
-The Main Trail remains open from the Visitor Center to the end of Long House. Alcove House will be closed.

Wednesday, September 24
-Frijoles Canyon will be closed to all entry.
-Entrance road past Juniper Campground will be closed.

Thursday, September 25
-Alcove House, Long Trail, Frijolito Trail, Frijoles Canyon Trail below Upper Crossing remain closed.
-Main Loop Trail, Frey Trail, Falls Trail, and parts of Cottonwood Picnic Area may reopen.

Friday, September 26
-Most closures should be lifted.


September 15, 2008

Bandelier Sewage Line Replacement May Cause Traffic Delays
LOS ALAMOS, NEW MEXICO: “Major construction work will begin to replace the main sewage lines into Bandelier National Monument on Wednesday, September 17th, 2008,” announced Bandelier Superintendent Brad Traver. “The reason that this will impact the public is because the sewage lines are located under the entrance road which is the sole access for all visitors and employees into Frijoles Canyon. This will result in short delays to all park visitors entering and leaving Frijoles Canyon.”

“We are trying to minimize the impacts to all park visitors but there will definitely be short delays during the week,” said Traver. “Roadwork will rarely occur on weekends or holidays, and will not occur during the week of Balloon Fiesta in October. If visitors want to avoid the construction zones, we encourage them to visit other areas of the park such as Tsankawi or the Alamo Boundary Trail. For safety reasons, bicycles will be prohibited during all phases of construction.”

Bandelier’s visitor center is open this summer from 9:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., seven days per week. The picnic area, Tsankawi unit near White Rock, and the trails in Frijoles Canyon are open daily from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. until October 1, 2008 and sunrise to sunset thereafter. Juniper Campground and Bandelier’s group campground, Ponderosa Campground, are open.

Prescribed Fire Planned in Frijoles Canyon at Bandelier National Monument
LOS ALAMOS, NEW MEXICO: Bandelier National Monument Superintendent Brad Traver has announced plans for a prescribed burn this fall in Frijoles Canyon. A 210-acre Burn Unit is located around the visitor center and Main Loop Trail. This prescribed fire is planned for sometime between September 17th and December 31st, excluding the week of the Balloon Fiesta. The public will be notified when the burn will occur –with as much advance notice as possible. “Firefighter and public safety is the number one priority when conducting any fire management operation in Bandelier,” said Traver.

“We expect that the fire operations will be completed in four to five days,” added Traver. “We may close Frijoles Canyon to initiate the burning closest to the visitor center and Main Loop Trail. It will be reopened as the burning moves up canyon. Several of the trails leading into Frijoles Canyon will also be closed during the fire operations.”

This fall’s prescribed fire will be conducted under the guidelines of Bandelier’s Fire Management Plan (2005). The Monument works very closely with other local land management agencies in the planning and management of these prescribed fires. The policy of using fire as a management tool will help decrease risks to life and property and help perpetuate the resource values for which Bandelier National Monument was established.

For more information regarding Bandelier’s plans prescribed fires this fall -- or for information regarding other fire management projects at Bandelier -- call (505)662-7065 or email

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