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short-horned lizard
Bandelier is home to a wide range of wildlife.

Photo by Sally King

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Powerpoints may have been broken into smaller sections for easier download. All powerpoints have corresponding text on each slide. This text is meant to provide suggestions and to guide discussion throughout the program.

Bandelier is home to creatures big and small.

Photo by Sally King

"Wild About Bandelier" is a slide show about the diversity of wildlife found at the park. 131 slides. 82.5 MB total.

Bandelier Squirrels
Bandelier Bears
Bandelier Coyotes
Deer and Elk
Mammal Conclusion
Bird Intro/Turkey Vultures
Bird Conclusion
Reptiles Intro/Rattlesnakes
Short-horned Lizards
Insect Intro/Tarantulas
Tarantula Hawks
Program Conclusion

gray fox

photo by sally king

"Wilderness is for Everyone, Not Just the People Who Use It" is a slide show about the creation of designated wilderness areas, the importance of wilderness areas, and specifically the Bandelier Wilderness. 30 slides. 22.4 MB total.

The Antiquities Act and Wilderness
The Bandelier Wilderness

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