Owls Have the Eyes

northern pygmy owl
You probably figured out very quickly that these are all owls but what is it they have in common that makes them all owls? First looking at the strong curved bill we can make a pretty good guess that this bird is a predator. Sure enough, owls are predators. They eat small mammals, lizards, and birds. Strong feathered feet help in tearing prey into manageable bite sized pieces. Have you ever seen an owl pellet? These are excreted from owls to eliminate non-digestible portions of their diet.

Look at those short thick wings, barely longer than the birds torso. Those wings are designed for quick flight with an ability to change directions rapidly. As you probably know owl hunt for their prey at night and have to pursue dinner as it runs along the ground in the dense forest. Wings like these are essential for success. What else about these birds would help in searching out prey in a dark woodland? What about those large eyes? Owls eye's are perfect for seeing in the darkness while pursuing prey.

When it comes to coloration, owls are pretty dull lot. With mostly browns, grays, and whites there is no color difference between male and female owls. Even so the patterns of color on these birds is beautiful indeed.

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owls with identification
western screech owl

Last updated: November 28, 2020

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