Artist Statements

watercolor painting of an adult and child walking among the badlands formations - by Judy Thompson

Spring 2013: Judy Thompson, Painter (10 KB PDF)

"Snow Swirl," acrylic on canvas by Roxanne Everett

Fall 2012: Roxanne Everett, Painter (32 KB PDF)

Jessica Bryant's Bio image

Spring 2012: Jessica L. Bryant, Painter (312 KB PDF)

Polly Townsend
Spring 2011: Polly Townsend, Painter (138 KB PDF)

The Wall, Badlands NP by Jason Jilg

Fall 2010: Jason Jilg, Photographer (8.42 KB PDF)

Angel Butte by Brenda Howell

Fall 2010: Brenda Howell, Painter (56.7 KB PDF)

Sage Creek Basin by Harold Nelson

Spring 2010: Harold Nelson, Painter (23.2 KB PDF)

Before the Storm by Rick Braveheart

Fall 2009: Rick Braveheart, Photographer (17.2 KB PDF)

Lightning at Yellow Mounds by Carl Johnson

Spring 2009: Carl Johnson, Photographer (43.8 KB PDF)

View from behind the Ben Reifel Visitor Center by Gabby Salazar

Spring 2008: Gabby Salazar, Photographer (11.5 KB PDF)

Swift Fox Carving by Brent White

Fall 2007: Brent E. White, Sculptor (45.1 KB PDF)

The Great Race: According to Brent (1.23 MB PDF), story by Brent E. White, to accompany carousel wildlife carvings.

Sunset in the Badlands by Rikk Flohr

Spring 2007: Rikk Flohr, Photographer (35.4 KB PDF)

Yellow Ridge by Tim Young

Fall 2006: Tim Young, Painter (23.5 KB PDF)

Spring in the Badlands by Jenn Wilson

Spring 2006: Jenn Wilson, Painter (74 KB PDF)

Storm at Big Badlands by Charlie Lyon

Fall 2005: Charlie Lyon, Painter (23.2 KB PDF)

Mourning Doves by Betsy Popp

Spring 2004: Betsy Popp, Painter (8.22 KB PDF)

Hoodoo Sky by Melanie Jeffs

Fall 2003: Melanie Jeffs, Ceramicist (64.1 KB PDF)

The White Place by Kathy Hodge

Fall 2002: Kathy Hodge, Painter (16.3 KB PDF)

Buttes by Siri Beckman

Spring 2002: Siri Beckman, Printmaker (8.27 KB PDF)

Badlands Drenched in Pink by Jean Laughton

Spring 1999: Jean Laughton, Photographer (8.85 KB PDF)

Mule Deer at Sunrise by Mark Dornblaser

Spring 1998: Mark Dornblaser, Photographer (21.6 KB PDF)

Black-Footed Ferret by Burt Calkins

Summer 1996: Burt Calkins, Painter (21.2 KB PDF)

South Unit by Fredrik Marsh

1987: Fredrik Marsh, Photographer (23.4 KB PDF)

Badlands Images (14.2 KB PDF), essay by Jay Shuler, former Chief Naturalist of Badlands National Park.


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