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Layers of Sedimentary Rocks

View from the White River Valley Overlook
View from the White River Valley Overlook

Cathy Bell, National Park Service photograph

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 The Badlands are layers of sedimentary rocks sculpted by the geologic forces of deposition, weathering, and erosion. Learn how ancient environments like rivers, flood plains, and an ocean deposited the rock layers that we see today. The ranger will point out geologic features easily observed from the Ben Reifel Visitor Center. Fossil evidence found within the Badlands layers will be displayed and discussed. (45 minutes)

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This program is currently being offered only as a distance learning video conference.

Teachers should prepare their students accordingly. Students should have some understanding of Badlands National Park (location, mission, ecosystem) and some general background knowledge related to their program topic. Teachers may use materials provided from the links below, the specific pre-visit lesson plans, or their own lessons to best prepare their students.

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Earth Science, Geology, Paleontology
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Last updated: April 10, 2015