Video Conferences

Badlands National Park conducts interactive classroom presentations through distance learning video conferences. Schools can connect by IP Contact or Skype.

Scheduling a Video Conference

We offer distance learning programs on the topics described below. Appropriate grade levels are suggested, but programs can be adjusted for any grade level (K-12) upon request.

To schedule a video conference program, contact the Badlands Education Specialist at least 10 days before the requested program date.

Time Travel with Fossils
Make inferences about ancient animals and environments based on the fossil evidence.

Layers of Sedimentary Rocks
Discover how the rocks of Badlands reveal ancient ecosystems.
Prairie Animals and Habitats
Learn about how prairie animals have adapted so that they can survive and thrive here.
Bison Banquet
Learn about the bison's natural and cultural history.

Contact us with questions.

Preparing for a Video Conference

Teachers who have scheduled a video conference ranger program should prepare their students accordingly. Students should have some understanding of Badlands National Park (location, mission, ecosystem) and some general background knowledge related to their program topic. Teachers may use materials provided from the links below, the specific pre-visit lesson plans, or their own lessons to best prepare their students.

Connection Information

Schools are responsible for testing their equipment and confirming the connection method with the ranger prior to our scheduled program date.

Please note: Different schools have different means of connecting with us. The park's preferred method of connection is a direct IP dial to or through Skype. Check with the ranger on availability of other mobile and desktop video conferencing options. Whatever way your district connects, it is critical that you test and confirm the connection prior to your program date.

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