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Water World

Run-off and Buttes
Run-off and Buttes

Larry McAfee, National Park Service photograph

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Grade Level:
Seventh Grade-Eighth Grade
Earth Science, Geology, Hydrology


Discover the role water has in the processes of erosion and deposition, and how sedimentary rocks form.


Review how sedimentary rocks are formed through the processes of deposition and erosion. Students complete an activity to illustrate the concepts discussed.


This is currently being offered only as an in-class ranger presentation to classes at schools within 80 miles of Interior, South Dakota.

Teachers should prepare their students accordingly. Students should have some understanding of Badlands National Park (location, mission, ecosystem) and some general background knowledge related to their program topic. Teachers may use materials provided from the links below, the specific pre-visit lesson plans, or their own lessons to best prepare their students.

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 Badlands National Park Ranger

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