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Swift Fox Data Analysis Lab

Swift fox, National Park Service photograph
Swift fox

National Park Service photograph

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Grade Level:
Seventh Grade-Twelfth Grade
Biodiversity, Biology: Animals, Conservation, Ecology, Wildlife Biology, Wildlife Management
100 minutes (2 periods)
National/State Standards:
Life Science Content Standard C, 7.L.3.1, 7.S.1.1, 7.S.2.1, 8.S.1.1, 8.S.2.1, 9-12.L.3.1, 9-12.N.1.1, 9-12.N.1.2


In this lesson, students will take on the role of a wildlife biologist and analyze actual 2003 swift fox translocation data from Badlands National Park. Students will work together to compile a master data sheet showing their findings.


Student-biologists will practice reading and analyzing scientific data based on the fox or foxes they are assigned. Students will practice interpreting individual charts and work together as a classroom team of biologists to compile overall data for the 2003 Swift Fox translocation season. Students will practice basic scientific data interpretation skills.


Teacher Background Information, 2003 Swift Fox Translocation Teacher Key, Fox File Student Sheets, 2003 Swift Fox Park Data Sheets, and Blank 2003 Swift Fox Translocation Student Data Sheets




Data sets from other swift fox translocation years may be available for further analysis as the reintroduction program progresses. Students can continue to follow swift fox management at Badlands National Park through actual scientific data as it becomes available from the park.

If you are interested, you can contact Badlands National Park to set up an online ranger presentation.

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