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June 27, 2014 Posted by: Joseph One Skunk

Hello, my name is Joseph One Skunk. I’m 15 years of age and I work for Badlands National Park as an intern and volunteer. I will be a junior in high school and this is my second summer working in the Badlands. One reason I decided to apply was because Philip, SD where I live has few places to work. I first heard of the Park from a classmate named Nathan Wooden Knife who has been working for the Badlands National Park. From what he told me it sounded like a fun job but also very strict. The reason I applied was because I received a call about two weeks after school ended last summer from Eric Brunnemann (superintendent of Badlands National Park) whom I visit with every Wednesday at my Martial arts class. After the call I realized how lucky I am to get such a great opportunity to work for a National Park.

As a volunteer I have many specific duties, and I also help fill in where help is needed. What I like most about the park is that it allows me to be able to work outside. When outside I’m just as amazed as the visitors when they see the diverse rock formations. Working inside the visitor center isn’t bad at all but I enjoy being outside more. When I’m inside it allows me to talk to visitors and it also teaches me how to be confident when talking to strangers.

I’m lucky to have the job and I would recommend it to anyone. It allows me to learn and share my home state with people around the world. Overall I’m very thankful for the awesome opportunity and I’m proud to say I work for a National Park.

Joseph One Skunk, Age 15, Youth Intern

Joseph and Earl Henry log nature observations while working on their environmental projects: 

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