Jayden Dull Knife, Reflections on Environmental Stewardship

July 02, 2014 Posted by: Jayden Dull Knife

Hi - my name is Jayden Dull Knife and I am Oglala Lakota. I am going to be in the 10th grade this fall at Crazy Horse School and I live on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. I saw my opportunity to make something of myself when Menke gave me an application to work here at Badlands National Park. I never expected to be chosen. I really like it here and I like the people here.

We went to the Red Shirt Table Overlook last Monday to do a garbage removal operation. We picked up tires out of big ravines and looked for an abandoned car to tow away. The grass was tall and there were snakes and so we had a big safety meeting and took precautions. We also picked up about 1 ton of trash. The clean-up made me angry that people will throw stuff on the ground and not pick it up. Especially on reservation land.The tires we found were not great. But I’m glad we got to go and pick trash up because it makes our land and park look better. I will go out and help again anytime. It felt good to do. That day I got to get more close to nature and explore.

I am so glad to work at Badlands because it is important to me and it is my home. I can now get involved more with the environment around me. I always wanted to learn more and now I am.

Jayden Dull Knife, Age 16, Youth Intern

Jayden and Trevor look out on Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and their hometown from atop Notch Trail: https://www.flickr.com/photos/badlandsnationalpark/14275385407/in/set-72157645237148572

Interns and staff venture out onto the Red Shirt Table ready for a good day's work: https://www.flickr.com/photos/badlandsnationalpark/14388500177/

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