Earl Henry Lamont, Aspiring Paleontologist

June 24, 2014 Posted by: Earl Henry Lamont

My name is Earl Lamont and I’m an intern at Badlands National Park. I am from the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and am Oglala Lakota. I was first nominated to work at the Badlands last summer along with my friend Dwan. I have met a lot of new people while working here at the Badlands. Some of them are my friends and others are my new ranger colleagues. I love working here because everyone is so nice and very friendly.

As I was working last year I developed an interest in paleontology and any work that included fossils. I came to find that paleontology is the study of fossils and my mind was blown away because the Badlands is the place where our earliest mammal fossils are found. Countess fossils are found by visitors and rangers every year! It is important to me to preserve this land from people or things that would destroy or take these fossils because then we wouldn't be able to study them and learn from them. When a visitor comes to me with a question about a fossil I do my best to answer the question. There are some questions I can’t answer yet and so I do want to learn more about the study of fossils. When I have a question about a fossil I can turn to my new ranger friends for help. This summer I will have the opportunity to spend time shadowing paleontologists in the field and I am very excited about this because this is my dream.

Earl Henry Lamont, Age 16, Badlands Park Guide

Earl Henry sketches a scientific drawing of a fossil in the fossil prep lab: https://www.flickr.com/photos/badlandsnationalpark/9712533114/in/set-72157635453718977/

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