Dwan Wilcox, Two events with NPS Partners

July 06, 2014 Posted by: Dwan Wilcox

I recently had the opportunity to meet 8 members of the Montana Conservation Corps. They were in our park for a few days to help us control invasive weeds like the Yellow Sweet Clover, which is really bad this year. They brought with them a lot of experience and shared it with the other interns and me. We had a cook out and got a chance to hang out. While we ate they told us what the Conservation Corps is and what projects they do. It was a great experience for some of us who want to know more about wildlife and biology. I exchanged our cultural stories with them and where we grew up and they were very interested.

We also had a camp out with the Boys and Girls Club in the Sage Creek Wilderness Area. It was awesome. I got a chance to hang out and meet some pretty great kids from different areas and different ages. I enjoyed going hiking around Sage Creek and up in the hills. We explored an area few of us had seen. Both groups love the environment and we made plans to protect it. I also loved that the buffalo came right up to our camp! The other interns and I taught them several activities such as making bead key chains that symbolize the geology of the Badlands and teaching the Boys and Girls Club the history of the park. I also helped teach them the different flowers and animals we saw. We had so much fun that the time felt short and I look forward to doing it again later this month.

Dwan Wilcox, Age 17, Badlands Park Guide


Dwan discusses environmental management and best methods in controlling invasive species with the Montana Conservation Corps: https://www.flickr.com/photos/badlandsnationalpark/14275221868/

Student interns and staff prepare for a day of resource conservation: https://www.flickr.com/photos/badlandsnationalpark/14388318238/

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    It's nice Dwan that you and your fellow interns had a nice time with visitors to the Badlands. I'm glad that you and some of the others have decided to further your work with the NPS. The parks need this additional help and visitors, like myself, appreciate what you do to make our park experience more special. BTW were you scared when the buffalo decided to visit all of you in camp?

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