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Students stand next to an adobe wall and school busses.
Students arrive for a field trip at Aztec Ruins.

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Self-Guided Field Trip:
Field trips are always welcome at Aztec Ruins. For the spring semester of 2017, all field trips will be entirely teacher-led. Aztec Ruins provides many resources to assist teachers with planning and running their own field trips. Use the online "Curriculum Materials" to familiarize yourself with the site and develop lesson plans before the scheduled trip.

What's Here:
A trip could include a 1/2 mile teacher-guided walk through Aztec West and the reconstructed Great Kiva, a viewing of the 15-minute video Aztec Ruins: Footprints of the Past, a visit to the visitor center museum (newly remodeled in April 2015), and a teacher-led activity in the picnic area. Teachers can also reserve traveling trunks (replica artifacts trunk or a new Old Spanish Trail trunk) for use at the site.

There is a bus unloading area, and bus parking. We request that teachers have one adult/chaperon for every ten students. Two hours is usually enough time for the visit itself (for 1-3 classrooms); more time should be scheduled for lunch in the picnic area. The video room can accommodate a maximum of 30 students and the video plays every half hour. Teachers and chaperons are responsible for directing their groups during the visit.

Recommended Group Rotations

  • 45 minutes on the trail: Take a teacher-guided tour of the archeological site with chaperons using the trail guide.
  • 45 minutes in the Visitor Center: Watch the 15 minute video, tour the museum (new I-Spy activity available), and take a bathroom break.
  • 45 minutes in the picnic area: a teacher-guided educational activity
    • Replica Artifact activity (reserve a traveling trunk)
    • Walk the Old Spanish Trail (1/4 mile one-way)
    • Old Spanish Trail activity (reserve a traveling trunk for replica items)
    • View our Online Curriculum for additional lesson plans
    • Check out the Education Portal for lesson plans from related sites

Online Field Trip Scheduling: (NEW!)

View our online schedule and create a field trip request using our new online system! If you have additional questions, email or call us at (505) 334-6174.

Educational Fee Waiver Application:
If you represent an educational or scientific institution, you may be eligible for a waiver of entrance fees for adults over 15 years old (children 15 and under are free). You may download the fee waiver application (feewaiver.pdf) or email us for more information. Groups of students age 15 and under do not need a fee waiver.

Bringing 4th Grade Students: A new park pass is now available to 4th grade students nationwide! Students who bring their paper vouchers can exchange them for their "Every Kid in a Park" pass during their field trip. Visit for details on how classrooms can participate.

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