Stay Curious: Mike Bell

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  1. Stay Curious: Mike Bell - Learn about how research scientist, Mike Bell, got interested in plants and how he got started by just playing in the dirt.

I find my job to be important for the parks because a lot of times if you go out into the park and say "Hey park how you doing?" The park couldn't answer you.  Couldn't say I need a little more water it's a little dry out here.

Meet Mike Bell

Mike Bell is an research scientist who works on monitoring air pollution and how it relates to changes in plants and animals. He found his passion for plants while working at Craters of the Moon and Joshua Tree National Park and learned to appreciate a plant's ability to survive.

He was always an outdoorsy kind of kid and his curiousity in the natural world was supported by his mother.  His advice to kids is to continue to play in the dirt and to keep asking "what's this?" and "what's that?".  

"If you want to be a scientist you don't have to be in a lab. You don't have to wear a lab coat.  You can stick your hands in the dirt."

Last updated: December 20, 2016