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park logo with river and mountain lines
Wrangell-St Elias National Park & Preserve Logo

The Logo for Wrangell-St Elias represents the natural beauty in the park, including glaciers and the four mountain ranges (Wrangell, Chugach, St. Elias, Alaskan) and the watershed, including the Copper, Chitina, Nizina and Chitistone Rivers.

Create Your Own Arrowhead

NPS Arrowhead logo. Shows a mountain in the background, with a tree, bison, and lake in the foreground. Grass and tree are green. The bison, lake, and snow on the mountain are white. Sky and mountain is brown.
The Arrowhead emblem symbolizes the natural, wildlife, water, geologic, historic, and cultural resources protected by the National Park Service.

National Parks are special places that protect history and culture and the American story. The different things that the National Park Service protects is seen in our Arrowhead logo. If you look at the logo above, you will see several different elements that are important in National Parks!

The mountain in the distance represents things like scenic beauty, special landforms, and geologic resources.

The tall tree represents the different natural resources protected (like trees and plant life).

The lake represents water resources and the creatures which live in that water.

The bison represents the wildlife that live inside of national parks.

The arrowhead itself represents the culture and history of the people in the area within and around the national park.

See the link below to download a blank arrowhead logo for YOUR park! What is your park's name? What does your park protect and preserve? Get creative!


Wrangell - St Elias National Park & Preserve

Last updated: January 30, 2024