Condor Update - 2018-04 (April)

A black headed juvenile condor sits next to a pink headed adult on a rock.
A black headed juvenile condor sits next to a pink headed adult on a rock with their backs to the Grand Canyon.

NPS/ Jeff Olson

Condor Enthusiasts -

Please see this spring's potential pair/ nesting information below. Note that all of the pair information indicates breeding behavior and potentail nesting based on the adults' behavior. Pairs are listed under the land management unit where birds are suspected to be nesting. All condors are identified below by WingTagNumber (StudBookID#_Sex_YearHatch). The wing tag is what you will be able to use to identify the birds in the wild when observing them! The Stud book ID # is unique to each individual condor.


Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, AZ (NPS):
  • 55 (455_f07) + F1 (441_m07) in the area around Lee's Ferry
Grand Canyon National Park, AZ:
  • 80 (280_f02) + 87 (187_m98) near the Battleship formation
  • 97 (297_f03) + 23 (123_m95) near the Tower of Ra
  • H9 (496_f08) + 54 (354_m04) in Marble Canyon, downstream of the Navajo Bridge (and not in sight this year)
  • 47 (447_f07) + 03 (203_m99) in the Thunder River area
  • J1 (521_f09) + E3 (423_m06) near Newton Butte
  • M7 (647_f12) + 82 (582_m10) near Tapeats Spring
Havasupai Indian Reservation, AZ:
  • F3 (453_f07) + 75 (275_m02) and/or 79 (379_m05) near Havasu Creek
Kaibab National Forest, AZ:
  • J3 (523_f09) + 35 (435_m07) near West Kaibab Canyon
Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, AZ (BLM):
  • 83 (383_f05) + 62 (162_m97) and/or 88 (388_m05) near Sand Crack
  • J4 (541_f09) + 42 (342_m04) near Badger North
  • 1 (610_f11) + A9 (349_m04) near the release site
  • 13 (613_f11) + 43 (243_m01) near Four Spring
  • 53 (653_f12) + 30 (530_m09) near Cathedral
  • 77 (677_f13) + K6 (586_m10) near the release site
Zion National Park, UT:
  • 9 (409_f06) + J3 (523_m09) near Angel's Landing
  • 40 (640_f12) + 61 (561_m10) showed up at the release sight with pair bonding behavior


  • Chick 898 (stud book #) from -6 (296_f03) + 66 (266_m02) successfully fledged from a nest near the Vermilion Cliffs and has not yet been captured
  • Chick 896 from 89 (389_f05) + -3 (293_m03) successfully fleged from a Kane Canyon, AZ ( nest and has been given wing tag V6
  • Chick 897 from 41 (241_f01) + 93 (193_m98) successfully fledged from a Buckskin Wash, UT nest and has been given the wing tag V7
  • Chick 891 from H9 (496_f08) + 54 (354_m04) from the Marble Canyon, AZ nest died before fledging. Cause of death is unknown.
Prepared by Miranda Terwilliger, Wildlife Biologist, Division of Science and Resource Management, Grand Canyon National Park

Last updated: November 26, 2018