Chris Sergeant - Ecologist

Chris Sergeant, SEAN ecologist
Chris Sergeant, ecologist for the Southeast Alaska Network.

Chris Sergeant
Southeast Alaska I&M Network
3100 National Park Road
Juneau, AK 99801
(907) 364-1591
christopher_sergeant [at]


M.S. University of Washington, Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, 2004

B.S. University of Washington, Fisheries, 2000

Professional Experience

2011-Present, Ecologist, National Park Service

2008-2011, Fisheries Biologist, Tacoma Power

2007-2008, Fisheries Biologist, Steward and Associates

2006-2007, Adaptive Management Project Lead, Shared Strategy for Puget Sound

2001-2006, Research Assistant, University of Washington

2000-2001, Fisheries Biologist, King County Water and Land Resources

1997-1998, Scientific Technician, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Peer-reviewed Publications

Complete listing of my technical and peer-reviewed publications at ResearchGate

Sergeant, C. J., J. R. Bellmore, C. McConnell, and J. W. Moore. 2017. High salmon density and low discharge create periodic hypoxia in coastal rivers. Ecosphere 8: e01846.

Cyr, A., C. J. Sergeant, J. A. Lopez, and T. O’Hara. 2016. Assessing the influence of migration barriers and feeding ecology on total mercury concentrations in Dolly Varden (Salvelinus malma) from a glaciated and non-glaciated stream. Science of the Total Environment 580: 710-718.

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* National Park Service Inventory and Monitoring Program colleagues